Tuesday, 23 February 2016

An IndiBlogger Meet For Those Of My Kind

Cycling - The Western Ghats
I have never been to gym. I don’t believe in riding the stationary bike, because I love outdoors. This is not the first time I have attended Indiblogger meet, neither do I think this is going to be the last. 
But I am very sure that this is the blogger meet that was perfect entertainment for me.  
It had everything that I love, outdoor sports, adventure, creativity and gadgets which I often ogle online - to touch, feel and also use.
Since my childhood, I would always look forward to the long walks my Mom would take me out in the evenings. When my younger sister was born, it was funnier since I could tell her things which she did not know. She enjoyed listening and learning from me.
Later I started cycling, swimming, and having blast on the beach. 

Adventure on Someshwara Beach

 But life changed. Studies got heavier and then came the job. First the graveyard shift which stole my nights and days as well. Later I ventured in day job, easy and cool with a great project to work on, yet the outdoors activities came down drastically.
Apart from few cycling expeditions and visit to resorts, I was stuck with my laptop. This is when I got invite for the Indiblogger FlipkartOutdoor meet at Mango Mist. For once, my mother did not have to prompt me to join her for the meet. I had not been on any outdoor expeditions for past two months, and I was feeling rusted.

I was up and ready to start off early Sunday morning. We accompanied Pariknita, another blogger on her way to Mango Mist. Once there, we were banded to enjoy the day by Indiblogger.
 Following sumptuous breakfast we gathered again to kick start the meet. The bloggers were divided into 7 groups to enjoy the activities for the day.

First we started off checking out the gadgets. Flipkart introduced us to the gadgets like Garmin Smartbands and smart watches, Red Chief Outdoor shoes, amazing headphones, speakers and other music accessories from Altec, Samsung Gear2, Polaroid Cube, Coleman outdoor gears and Sony action cam. I prefer window shopping on Flipkart anytime since it was tough to resist the temptation to buy them all and walk away from the gadgets once you see and feel them.
We began the fun by putting up an outdoor tent. We had good time with the first group activity for the day. Coleman had lot many outdoor gears and kits which would be useful for camping and picnics including the tent.

The Red Chief footwear were something quite different from what I come across. They were not only attractive but quite sturdy for the outdoors activities.
The Altech water, dust, and shock-resistant speakers were eye catching. I think they would pair well with my Alienware Laptop, blaring out Linkin Park music as well as my LG G3 phone when I am on a cycling expedition.

This was something that went into my wishlist immediately. I am sure that these speakers can survive a fall which can happen considering the potholes that fill our roads.

The Samsung Gear2 classic smartwatch did not attract me much with its leather belt, but I was highly impressed with the smart watch with sporty sleek look and encased in a minimalistic design. 

The smartwatches can keep track of our activity throughout day and night. The 24 hrs Activity Tracker comes with Heart Rate Monitor, Exercise Tracker, Caffiene / Water Intake Tracker along with many other features. It also includes other convenient features like Messages, Schedule, Weather, Find My Phone, Voice Memo, Stopwatch and time to name just a few.
Garmin was ideal gadget for outdoor enthusiastic people with its various functions that not only kept tab on health and fitness but helps navigation as well.

As I went climbing up the Russian Ladder and Quake Walk, I got to record on Sony Action Camera, unfortunately, I do not have access to the video at present.

 It was to ring the bell by climbing up a vertical ladder made of rope and bamboo and to walk across a series of suspended wooden planks that hang from tree branches which made us feel quite unstable. They were much easier than they looked though.

Getting ready for paintball
Watch My Video

I enjoyed recording with the Slim and sleek Full HD Action Camcorder which was perfect to keep our hands free. I could easily capture the adventures without losing my balance. The video is highly stabilized even though I was shaking quite a bit while walking on the quake walk. Add water zorbing, tree surfing and rock climbing to the activity list. It was complete fun, but I had enough energy left to do everything all over again.
Our outdoor activities was followed by buffet lunch. I enjoyed a good vegetarian meal sitting among the natural trees which carried artificial mangoes on their branches.
Later the bloggers got together for returning the gadgets. There were prize distribution by Indibloggers and Flipkart. Later, we went ahead to enjoy paintball to wind up the adventurous day. I had to run and enjoy Land Zorbing before walking away from the resort.  

Thank you Indiblogger and Flipkart for the amazing Sunday. 

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  1. I think the quake walk is the toughest of all and you have completed that with ease... cool! I love going to mango mist on weekends and now I am able to complete all the adventures with ease

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