Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Diploma Drama

I came back from US after a great trip! I was an amazing experience each day, with different things happening in my life. I met many amazing people who, if I had not met than I would not believe they existed. Also I developed a special bond with Paula aunty,  and also with especially Jay uncle who was very close to my imagination of a perfect man. I will have to create a separate blog about my experience in USA which is something very special and close to my heart.
Once back in India, it was as though I was waking up from a dream. I had to do something about my studies and choose a career. I thought of animation again, but still was scared of that as a career option, and I didn’t want to stay in a hostel or room in the city leaving behind my sister and Mom. There was no good animation college nearby.
 We had spent a lot of time enjoying ourselves in USA therefore now I didn’t have much time to think as the admissions were getting closed. I was in a hurry, and decided diploma will be a good option because it didn’t have languages to study. I had been exposed to automobile passion in USA and I planned on getting into the automobile field because I had discovered that I had passion for automobiles, in addition I had gained a lot of knowledge about automobiles in US with Jay uncle in his garage.
Again my choice was in bad luck as someone told my dad that computers are in fashion and I should opt for it. Mom was not there with us to help me out. I was not good enough to explain that working with computers and studying them were two different things to my dad who decided as I was good in applied computer science, I should study it.
I still can very well recall how my dad said that he didn’t want me to work in garage with all the oil on my cloths as his friend told him that automobile engineering was not a good field. I explained to him that it not going to be like, but it had no effect. Sadly the luck was not on my side also as in the college there were no admission open for automobile. Dad did not ask whether they could do something, but I am sure if Mom was there with us she would have changed my career course. So I was in computer science diploma before I knew what was happening.
            The different seasons of roads

Burning hot in summer                                  Dusty in winter                           Filled with muddy pot holes in rainy season

I had to travel a lot for Diploma College which was in Murudeshwar which is nearly 40 kms from Byndoor. Everyday spent 2-3 hours for travelling itself and many times we had to stand in the bus, in addition the roads were full of pot holes which made the travel very tiring. I would be dead tired by the time I came back home and would have tough time sitting down to study.            

Somehow I did pretty well in my first year with 
subjects like maths and science, and also managed first class in Second semester. But in the second year, I had problem with one of the main subject with was c programming. It was a programming language which was very important but the concept didn't go in my head however hard I tried. I again had problem with symbols and language and as a result I failed in it. Later on in the next sem we had C++ which was continuation on C. Since I didn't understand C I couldn't understand C++ and then Java which was another programming language and it went on getting harder and harder as my mind failed to understand the symbols involved in them. I didn't know the basics; therefore I couldn't understand the higher languages. Struggling hard I completed the course but could not clear all subjects. I was glad to get the C.C. (course complete certificate).

   I did not want to go for BE because I found diploma to be too difficult for me, so I discussed with my mom and decided that I should go for animation which was something I always wanted to do and also I had done pretty good editing work and drawing as my hobby.
Few of my friends from diploma where joining animation course in Arena, Jayanagar; so, I was not going there alone. I was a little sad that I had leave behind my Mom and sister back at home, but this time I had to! So this is how I end up in the animation course and finally started doing what I really enjoy.


  1. glad you could correct your course so early in life! good on you!! best wishes!!

    1. Thank you. I feel I was lucky that I had support for my choice.

  2. My son too left BE to take up Animation. He left BE after two months :)

    1. That must have been a great loss of the admission he had paid up. I hope he is enjoying his new career choice. I love it

  3. Happy for you rayyan.
    I somehow couldn't relate the images of roads with the post.

    1. I travelled on those roads for nearly four hours every working day.. one of the toughest part of my diploma career. Usually it would be crowded and also too much of fights etc. I could not study after getting back home.

  4. Even I failed to understand the mystery of C++ or C# when i was learning them,now i know i am not alone in not being able to know them.


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