Thursday, 27 September 2012

The PUC Tragedy

 According to my Dad’s wishes I was finally in PUC college called Govt. Junior College, Byndoor, because it was in our village itself and my dad wanted me to make some friends in our native village. I have seldom been in Byndoor in my childhood, as I stayed in Bangalore and when I shifted there, I was in school which was located in another village called Gangolli. Most of my friends were from outside Byndoor. Therefore I did not have many friends in our village and my dad wanted me to make more friends in Byndoor. I did not have much option. I thought of joining the college for all the wrong reasons like it was nearby to our home and thought I could study in the time I saved by travelling,  but I was wrong. I couldn’t study well there as the school I studied earlier was quite different and we used to speak in English or Urdu. But here everyone used to speak in Kannada which I could not understand properly, especially the local dialect which was different from the Kannada in Bangalore. There was no proper place to sit the class room as it was over crowded, and most the good place was occupied by kids who could flex their muscles. I felt like being in some complete different world and couldn’t make many friends because of the language barrier. They used to joke which I never understood and that was another joke for them. Sometimes they made fun of me and I dint understand, so I used to laugh with them, which in a way I was laughing at myself. Sigh!

As for the lessons and classes, I didn’t understand what the teacher was teaching because they used to teach in Kannada as many students didn’t understand English. I did not like going there and every day I spent there was kind of torture for me. I would reach there just on time for the class to start and leave as soon as the class was over. I did not want to spend a minute more there then it was required, with that attitude I did not do well in my studies either. As for the languages, I didn’t have an option for Urdu, so I had to choose between Kannada and Hindi. As for Kannada, It was already proven that I was not good at it and it was very difficult in PUC. So I had to opt for Hindi. When all my classmates were studying and writing the notes, the teacher gave me all the basic alphabets to learn like A,B,C,D... . I used to sit in the first bench, right in front of the Hindi ma’am learning basics. It was very awkward feeling I felt back then, but I got used to it as I had in my school. Whatever effort I put, it was of no use and I couldn’t learn Hindi well. Mom gave me tuitions at home lecturer tried her best to help me out, yet I couldn’t not cope with the new language in my life. As for other subjects most of the things were taught in Kannada, as a result I didn’t understand anything. Sometimes I used to get lost in my own imagination of being a superhero, swimming in a flooded streets, a monster destroying the college etc but later on I used to study the subjects from my textbook in home but not much as I was not interested in the college or its studies anymore. The biggest problem was Hindi. I couldn’t even study that subject in home and clearing PUC looked hopeless to me no matter how hard I tried. I decided I couldn’t pass and I didn’t want to go through all the tension I had been through for SSLC. Somewhere down the year I gave up, and did not put much effort for the exams. I somehow wrote the exams and as soon as I finished my final exam, we left to USA.  There I could meet Paula aunty and Jay uncle, with whom I spent very nice time for four months. As for the result, it didn’t turn out good as expected and I had to choose for some other career.


  1. Hey Rayyan,
    Nice post. Each one ofcourse has his own experience about one's schooling and higher education. Coincidentally, I have a very different experience from that of yours about my learning at PUC college byndoor. I had come from another state to byndoor when I barely could speak good kannada. I stayed with my granny and joined PUC at byndoor. Despite a different culture, different lifestyle in a metro city , living in a village and going to the rural college was quite different. But I enjoyed every moment I was there. My teachers knew that I was weak at Kannada. They spoke with me in English most of the times. I could grasp kannada well. I didnt know how to write in kannada so I opted for Hindi and believe it or not , I was the only student for hindi from entire college. I had no hindi-teacher &studied it by self and scored more than even anyother student who opted for kannada . I was too happy, because I had quite many students holding a healthy competition with me. I am still cherishing all my beautiful memories about my college, my teachers, my learnings and my friends. You didnt know hindi, so yes you shldnt have gone for your studies at byndoor. About speaking in kannada- as exp says my teachers adapted to my weaknesses. To some extent I also tried adapting and learning fluent kannada and to short distance I succeeded too. Regarding your comment on overcrowded class, I would suggest, in the world there are so many kids who are dieing to be literate but cant due to poverty, they are sent for childlabour, arent we lucky enough that god has gifted us with such good parents that they could educate us and make us stand with the competing world?

    1. First, let me make it clear that I am not complaining but just sharing my experience on the blog. Even I have enjoyed my stay in Byndoor quite a lot.
      I don't understand why because some students are poor and in a worse condition,I cannot say the classes were overcrowded when they were. I am just placing the facts here. We cannot say people should not complain of thefts because there are serious crimes like murders happenings, can we?
      I am glad you had wonderful experience there, but being dyslexic the language barriers are much more difficult for me then it is for other students.
      As I said in my blog, I went there with wrong attitude and did not do well. That is the inspiration behind my comic

  2. Hey!...Thanks for sharing your experience. Even I had some bitter school days. even I felt lonely during my school days though there wasn't any language barrier...I couldn't find anyone with whom I could share and express my thoughts...So, I used to sit alone in the corner of the bench...and got lost in crazy imagination! Can relate to this post to an extent!


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