Thursday, 20 September 2012

SSLC and After that...

SSLC is a scary demon that keeps lurking in the mind of the student right from his entrance to 5th standard or so. Once in high school, my main worry was of clearing languages in SSLC. I was doing very well in Maths and Science, which made many of the teachers worry, why I was not scoring in languages which according to them was much easier than those tough subjects. My mom tried to talk to them and explain that languages are not easy for everyone but I don’t think anyone believed her. Anyway, it was routine that the teachers would say, I was obedient, nice student, hard working but scored very less marks in languages and I should work hard to score passing marks in those subjects if I am to do something in my life. I was wondering why I would need more than one language to do something in my life. It did not connect well, but SSLC is not something for a child to argue about, because no one will listen.
My Mom and I both put efforts towards the SSLC exams. The pictures my Mom clicked would tell you how tough it was for me to study those languages for SSLC.

Concentrating on Learning

Concentrating too hard and drowned in book

Taking help from nature to keep me awake. I could not
afford to fall asleep sitting there ;)

May be I can hold myself  awake

No I cannot...

My mom says that I would talk in my sleep often and recite poetry either from Kannada or Urdu book. After all the hard work towards my SSLC exams and writing it to the best I could do, I had to worry about the results. My mom kept telling me leave it alone and accept whatever happens will happen for good. But I know she was worried too.
Finally the results were out. I had done very good in English, Science and Maths and OK in Urdu and Social but just managed to scrape through Kannada. Whew!! I had cleared all the subjects and missed First Class by 1%.  I let myself go I enjoyed for a month. We had lots of fun on beach, in my backyard and entertainment parks. Soon it was time for me to wonder what to do next. If I enrolled in PUC I had to take any two languages again and I couldn’t deal with them all over again. The next option was diploma where I had no languages or to go ahead and join animation. As animation was new at that time I was scared to take it as my career. I was not sure it would work out.  Other than my Mom no one supported me with my idea.  Later on, my dad told me to join the PUC College because his friend’s son was doing well there, and it was within our village itself. Parents sometimes forget that every child is different and what would be good for a friend’s child may not be good for their own kid. So I was in Govt. Junior College of Byndoor for all wrong reasons. Sigh!


  1. Great Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. really Ryan this is nice
    hardwork pays off
    n u r sure lucky to have a mom like urs
    n those pix were real funny
    all d best in ur career

    1. thanks !! as for now im enjoying my studies !!

  3. welcome to blog world and indiblogger too. Am sure you have bright fuure as animator and also you overtake your mom in the blog world. good luck and cheers.


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