Saturday, 30 August 2014

An Inside the World Experience

It is very easy to convince me to walk into a store to check out on new gadgets and gizmos. I love doing that anyway. My recent visit to UniverCell Sync was amazing which is best expressed through my movie than my words. I was kind of transported inside the gizmos displayed there which made me miss all the talk and walk around others bloggers were having. The store itself talks to you, therefore I don't think I would need much help from anyone for making a purchase there.
Being Animator, for me the gadgets or gizmos are not just another plaything, but essentials which I need to make my creations. I don't take the specifications of a device lightly, because they make a huge difference to the output of my artistic creations. A store that has zones from which I can pick up gadgets meant to enhance specific requirements means a lot to me. 
 I loved the experience of holding the cellphones and using them personally before making the purchase. They lured me inside their world of Music, Photography, Creativity and many more in a jiffy. I was lost in cellphones... I would not call it out of world experience, but precisely and Inside the world experience. Check it out .... because seeing is believing. 

Screenshots of the movie to tell the tale!

Every cellphone takes you into a different world ... you have to check out your requirements and tastes to make the right choice for you.
Thankyou Indiblogger and UniverCell for entertaining Sunday.
Ported into the world of music

The screen comes alive

A photolover's delight

I can be an executive as well.