Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Introduction to Myself and My Blog

Me :- I am doing my animation course in Arena, Jayanagar, Bangalore.  I have completed my diploma in computer science, but I had a very difficult time learning the theoretical subjects in my diploma. Even in my school days I had difficulty learning languages. I would never have cleared my 10th (SSLC) exams without my mom’s help. Even now I may make many spelling mistakes in my blog. This could be because I’m dyslexic. I had difficulty learning and I was always interested in drawing. I had planned to take up animation right after my 10th, but other than my mom, no one supported me. So I took diploma and didn’t do quite good in that. I and my mom had tough time convincing my dad to enrol me in an animation course. Now I am doing what I always yearned to do. I like what I learn and I’m enjoying the learning experience immensely. Before, I just hated to do my school work, but now, I love doing my school work and work extra hours on my studies, because I don’t feel like I’m working. I feel like I’m doing what I really want to do ....

Blog:- In this blog I’m gong to post how the life of an animator goes on. As I’m a student, I will be posting what I’m being taught in college and what I learn in the course. It will also include some of the things l do in my everyday life.

Why I started Blogging

I m not much of a writer or a reader, but my mom is really good at it. She acted as an inspiration for me to start blogging, as she has done to many others. She has won many blogging contests in the national level competitions. It is wonder she never felt tied down by being in narrow minded society, in a small village which doesn’t empower women for achievements. So, I can say I got inspired by my mom and hope I will continue to blog and not give up after few posts like many have done before. 
I also want a new hobby to pursue, because, earlier my hobby was drawing and editing my pictures, or trying to make a movie. Fortunately, now this is my profession; as a result I had to look for a new hobby. I think blogging is going to be a good idea.  Hope I will find good support and help from fellow bloggers in my venture. 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

I Love Working With Photoshop

Some amateur work .. 
These are some pictures that I have edited in photoshop CS4

I love working with photoshop. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Name Game..

Having fun playing around with Photoshop CS4, premiere pro CS4
 and sound forge !!!!!